In November 2019, Europa RE has signed a project implementation agreement with InsuResiliance Solution Fund (ISF) to implement a macro and mezzo insurance programs in the Republic of North Macedonia. The main objective of the project is to support poor and vulnerable through providing affordable agriculture climate risk insurance to family farms.

The approach in North Macedonia is to set up a macro level agriculture program, a weather risk pooling system as a public-private solution backed by state and supported by insurance companies. Such setup’s is to ensure optimal and affordable insurance protection for all registered farmers in N. Macedonia. Europa RE provides technical assistance in:

  • facilitating the whole process of establishment of the pooling system,
  • setting up of the legal framework for the system,
  • financial projections, actuarial and underwriting activities,
  • the process of development of the streamlined, innovative, and affordable insurance products.
Europa RE local partners for implementation of this project in N. Macedonia are Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy and Insurance Supervision Agency. The Project is in implementation phase and ends on 31 December 2022.