As part of its commitment to the objectives of the Programs implemented and its extensive expertise, in March 2016 Europa Re launched the CATMonitor™, a website-based tool for monitoring and building awareness about earthquake and flood risk among the general public.

The website is a free public resource courtesy of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and it incorporates a user?friendly interface that aims to engage a widespread audience ranging from homeowners and businesses to government agencies in the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Albania, the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Kazakhstan to i) effectively visualize hazard, exposure, and loss information (scenario events and post catastrophe) and ii) contribute to the understanding and measurement of risk for their homes, businesses, government facilities and communities at large.

CATMonitor™ allows public access to a variety of tools that give users the capability to:

  • Evaluate the Earthquake and Flood risks for a specified building by entering basic information about the property and locating the building using an open mapping interface;
  • Get informed regarding the Earthquake and Flood hazard maps of the region and main historical events in the region and permits the evaluation of Earthquake and Flood impacts related to specified buildings;
  • Receive information about the damages near a declared disaster zone in the region, contribute and help the community by providing building and general damage information;
  • Get informed in near real-time about the disaster data from a variety of sources and about Earthquake and Flood events in the region.
To access the risk assessment tool please click here