Program management

Ms. Alma Qamo
Functional task: Reinsurance and Retrocession Technical Consultant
Ms. Alma Qamo has joined Europa Re Management Team in the position of the Regulatory Expert after two-years of insurance consultancy work with the World Bank.

Ms. Qamo has more than 15 years of managerial experience in insurance industry and insurance regulation in Albania and in SEE region. Her expertise spans a broad range of insurance subjects such as product development, actuarial, risk management, reinsurance, financial investments, accounting, and corporate planning. Formerly an Advisor to the Albanian Financial Services Authority, Ms. Qamo worked on enhancing national insurance regulations, managed day-to-day supervision matters and developed training programs for the staff of the Authority. She holds a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from Tirana University.

Ms. Marina Shipovalova, Program Manager
Functional task: Country Manager Kazakhstan
Prior to joining Europa Re Mrs. Shipovalova had more than 10 years of experience in the insurance market in the Republic of Kazakhstan. She started a career in the insurance market as a Chief Editor of a specialized professional journal for insurers, which was developed and published with the support of the regulator of the insurance market. She was the author of analytical research papers and participated in the preparation of the development projects for the insurance market in Kazakhstan. Mrs. Shipovalova has been working also as a short-term consultant for the World Bank in Kazakhstan on a project covering the catastrophe risks under the Joint Economic Research Program. For more than two years she served as Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "Insurance Payment Guarantee Fund".

Additionally, more than three years Mrs. Shipovalova was a member of the Association of Insurers of Kazakhstan and participated as the member of Working Groups in the development of the insurance legislation and worked closely with the government agencies, the Government and Parliament. She was the representative of the Working Group on drafting legislation related to the catastrophic risks in Kazakhstan and has extensive experience in preparation of analytical materials on catastrophe insurance for its potential implementation in the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Besides the above, for more than 10 years Mrs. Shipovalova was the organizer and the chairman of the organizing committee of professional Insurance Conference "Insurance in Central Asia" -  a professional dialogue platform for the insurers of Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

Ms. Viorela Gavrila
Functional task: Project Technical Coordinator and Mass Market Pilot Project Manager
For over 5 years Ms. Gavrila served as an executive advisor to the Head of the Romanian Insurance Supervisory Commission where she coordinated aspects related to insurance supervision and international relations. She also represented the Romanian Insurance Supervisory Commission in the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) working groups on the Insurance Mediation Directive.

Ms. Gavrila was a member of two Colleges of Supervisors for Allianz Group and ING Group, multilateral groups of supervisors, with the collective purpose of enhancing efficient, effective and consistent supervision of financial institutions operating across borders as appointed by her former employers. The colleges provided a platform for the gathering and dissemination of relevant and essential information in going concern and emergency situations, developing a common understanding of the risk profile of the groups, achieving coordination of supervisory review and risk assessment at Group level as well as establishing supervisory plans for the mitigation of risks at Group level.

Dr. Andre Teshler
Functional task: Chief IT Consultant
With 20 years of experience in IT projects, Dr. Teshler is a highly trained IT Architect who has been developing custom-tailored IT solutions for corporate clients ranging from startups to Blue Chip companies.

Dr. Teshler studied mathematics and geophysics in Moscow and Stuttgart. He holds a Ph.D. in Geophysics. His private interests include photography and theoretical Physics.

Program implementation

Mrs. Slavica Radovanovic
Functional task: Claims Management Specialist
The 38 years of professional experience in seismology of Mrs. Radovanovic cover a wide range of topics, in different fields of seismology and engineering seismology. The main areas of her work were various and risk assessment, seismological data analysis, data collection and mapping as well as rising awareness of seismic hazard.

As junior seismologist she participated in the damage survey of earthquakes in Montenegro in 1979 and Kopaonik, Serbia in 1980, and as director of the Seismological Survey of Serbia she played a major role in organizing and managing the damage assessment activities of the institute in the aftermath of the 1998 Mionica and the 2010 Kraljevo earthquakes in Serbia. The collected data was used as a basis by the Serbian Government to organize aid campaigns post the events and remedy the consequences of the natural catastrophes.

Mrs. Radovanovic’s special area of interest is seismic risk reduction through raising awareness regarding the potential impact of earthquake and the necessity of building an earthquake resilient society. Starting with 2015, Mrs. Radovanovic has been part of Europa Re team as Damage Surveyors Coordinator.

Mr. Donald Papalilo
Functional task: IT Systems Analysis Consultant
Before joining Europa Re, Mr. Papalilo had a significant managerial experience in the Albanian Financial Services Authority contributing among others to the major centralized IT systems of the insurance industry.

His prior experience in the design and implementation of B2B and B2C IT systems in Italy and Albania, the participation in different IT research projects and his knowledge of the insurance industry as well as the insurance regulatory environment has resulted among others in the design and implementation of financial and insurance applications.

Mr. Papalilo holds a Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering with specialization in Network Programming in ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome, Italy. He speaks Albanian, Italian, English and French.

Dr. Jelena Doganjic
Functional task: Actuarial Consultant
Prior to joining Europa Re, Mrs. Doganjic worked for 17 years both in the public and private sector. She was the Director of Actuarial and Statistics department in National Bank of Serbia (NBS) for 11 years. During her work in NBS, Mrs Doganjic organized the development of complex tools for actuarial estimations, risk assessment, pricing, capital adequacy etc. She was in charge of organizing risk based insurance supervision and coordinating of giving approvals for legally required enhancements and actions from actuarial area. She also worked for 6 years in two private insurance companies in Serbia in expert actuarial and risk management positions.

Mrs. Doganjic was a Member of Working Group for Insurance Law and for Law on Compulsory Traffic Insurance and author of numerous regulations in Republic of Serbia. She was also the official representative of the Republic of Serbia in the process of joining the WTO for banks, insurance, voluntary pension funds and financial leasing and participated in World Bank projects. She was president of a Committee for certifying actuaries in Serbia for 5 years.

Mrs. Doganjic obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Kragujevac, in Economic Sciences, Finance, Financial Institutions and Insurance. She published her doctoral thesis in the area of actuarial science - Managing financial and actuarial risks of formation and investment of technical reserves.  She holds a Masters degree in Actuarial science, related to pricing in MTPL insurance, from Belgrade Economics faculty and has published twelve scientific papers in the actuarial field.

Dr. Paolo Bazzurro
Functional task: Risk Modeling Consultant
Dr. Paolo Bazzurro is Professor of Structural Design at the University Institute for Superior Studies (IUSS) and the Head of the “Hazard and Risk Assessment” Section at the EUCENTRE Foundation, both located in Pavia, Italy.

Before joining IUSS, Dr. Bazzurro gained more than 20 years of professional experience in consulting engineering firms in Europe and United States. Since 1990 he has led numerous projects dealing with the assessment of hazard and risk caused by earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural events to a variety of onshore and offshore structures spread-out on five continents.
Dr. Bazzurro has also completed many research and application-oriented projects for prestigious organizations such as the United States Geological Survey, the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center and the World Bank. He has authored more than 90 refereed publications in different engineering areas.

Dr. Bazzurro earned his M.S. in Engineering and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at Stanford University where he has been part-time Consulting Assistant Professor from 2001 to 2005. Since 2009 Dr. Bazzurro is the Deputy Chair of the Scientific Board of the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) and has membership in several other international scientific and editorial boards.

Mr. Vlatko Mrkev
Functional task: Procurement Consultant
Prior to joining Europa Re, Mr. Mrkev worked for more than 10 years as Procurement Specialist on several projects financed by the World Bank. He has an extensive experience in procurement of goods and works as well as in selection and employment of consultants in accordance with the applicable World Bank Guidelines, rules and procedures.

Mr. Mrkev holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economy, Major in Marketing, from the State University Ss. “Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje, Macedonia. He is a certified trainer in public procurement.

Mrs. Yelena Yakovleva
Functional task: Insurance Consultant
Ms. Yakovleva for over 6 years worked across International Development Institutions. She has held several positions with the World Bank office in Kazakhstan, working in a highly multitasking environment across Sustainable Development area projects and country programmes, including agriculture and disaster risk management and insurance sectors. She has also worked for the United Nations Development Programme in Kazakhstan as a project team member on a GEF financed project in energy efficiency area.  

Ms. Yakovleva holds a Master of Science degree in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment from University College London, United Kingdom. She holds also a Master Degree in Development Management from the Open University and a Bachelor of Science in Technology and Enterprise Management from Aston University, Birmingham. She is continually receiving trainings through study programmes at the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) - the premier professional body for the insurance and financial planning professions.

Europa Re Country Representative Offices

Ms. Edlira Kalaja, Administrator of Europa Re Representative Office in Albania
Functional task: Coordination Consultant
Prior to joining Europa Re, Ms. Kalaja’s professional career focused on the public financial sector and was closely tied to the Ministry of Finance of Albania. For over 7 years she held the position of Head of Budget Policy Analysis. In that role, in addition to overseeing budgetary programming and policy analysis she led several task forces charged with improving processes related to public investment management and integrated payroll reform. She was also involved in various important projects at the Albanian Institute of Science where she provided valuable contribution as an Associate Expert for public finance.

Ms. Kalaja holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Tirana, Albania. This is where she also obtained her M.B.A degree in Finance, and Bachelor of Science in Finance where she graduated with honors. She also holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Tirana Law School.

Ms. Kalaja key academic interests include teaching and research. She is a faculty member of the University of Tirana Finance Department and has taught various finance courses to undergraduate and graduate students. She has published several papers on a broad range of public finance, government budget, and public debt issues.

Dr. Nadica Jovanovska-Boshkovska, Administrator of Europa Re Representative Office in Macedonia
Functional task: Agriculture ResearchSpecialist and Training Consultant
Prior to joining Europe Re, Mrs. Jovanovska-Boshkovska worked for 10 years both in the public and private sector in Macedonia. She has 6 years of professional experience as a Project Manager on a World Bank financed project in the agriculture sector. During this period, Mrs. Jovanovska-Boshkovska has worked closely with the Government and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy in Macedonia. Mrs. Jovanovska-Boshkovska has been working also as a short-term consultant for the World Bank in Washington DC, for Europe and Central Asia region, on a project covering the agriculture, rural development and climate change issues under the professional affiliation programme financed by the U.S. Department of State. Besides her experience in the agriculture area, her expertise includes economics and marketing. Mrs. Jovanovska-Boshkovska has accumulated professional experience as a lecturer in the aforementioned fields at the Southeastern European University, Faculty of Business Administration in Tetovo, Macedonia.

Mrs. Jovanovska-Boshkovska holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University – Faculty of Economics in Skopje and a Master of Science degree in European Economy and International Finance from Tor Vergata University, Faculty of Economics in Rome. She has obtained a professional development fellowship at Cornell University, USA in the field of agriculture economics. Mrs. Jovanovska-Boshkovska is fluent in English and has good knowledge of German and Italian.

Mrs. Svetlana Atlagić, Administratorof Europa Re Representative Office in Serbia
Functional task: Insurance SpecialistConsultant
Prior to joining Europa Re, Mrs. Atlagic worked for more than 10 years as Head of the Department for Underwriting, Risk Management and Claims Management for DDOR Novi Sad – a Serbian second largest Insurance and Reinsurance Company. She also held different technical positions at the Reinsurance Department of the company where she was responsible for both inward and outward business. Besides reinsurance, her insurance expertise includes accounting, risk and claims management.

Mrs. Atlagic received practical training at the leading global reinsurers in France, Germany and UK. She holds a B.S. in Economics from the Department of Economics, of the University of Novi Sad.