HR Announcement – Appointment of Systems Manager

As a result of a highly competitive international recruitment process, Europa Re retained Mr. Ingmar Grosch for the position of Systems Manager. Read the news here.

Europa Re visits the Agricultural Sector in the Republic of Serbia – Important Insights for designing Sustainable Agricultural Insurance Mechanisms

During a five day mission in the Republic of Serbia, Europa Re’s experts held several meetings with farmers, farmers’ associations, food processors and agricultural agencies in various regions of the country. The mission’s purpose was to understand current weather risk management practices, agricultural insurance penetration and to gather feedback on...

The FYR of Macedonia completes Disbursement of its Membership Contribution to Europa Re

Following the signing of the Shareholders Agreement, today the government of FYR of Macedonia completed the disbursement of its USD 5 million membership equity contribution to Europa Re. Read the full story here.

HR Announcement – Country Managers for Albania, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia

Announcement by Project Director, Ms. Denisa Dumitru. Read the news here.

HR Announcement – Appointment of Country Coordinators for Albania, Serbia, and Macedonia

Announcement by Project Director, Ms. Denisa Dumitru. Read the news here.

Europa Re visits the FYR Macedonia in preparation for the creation of weather risk insurance products for the agricultural sector

During a three-day mission in FYR Macedonia, Europa Re representatives attended two agricultural forums organised by the National Extension Agency for Promotion of Agriculture (NEA). The team also visited several commercial agricultural companies and had meetings with representatives from the Insurance Supervision Agency, the World Bank country office and the...

The Government of Montenegro expresses its willingness to join Europa Re and confirms its interest to Proceed further with Project Preparation Activities and Shareholder Membership Disbursement Procedures

Following the country visit of the World Bank SEEC CRIF project team on 25 – 27 June, 2012, accession negotiations between Europa Re and the government of Montenegro have significantly progressed. Read the full story here.

The FYR Macedonia Becomes Full Member and Shareholder of Europa Re

Mr. Zoran Stavreski, Minister of Finance and Vice Prime Minister of FYR Macedonia, signed Europa Re Shareholder Agreement along with other essential accession documents. Read the full story here.

The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirms its Commitment to join Europa Re and is willing to Proceed with Project Preparation Activities

Over the last couple of months significant progress has been made in Europa Re accession negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read the full story here.

Europa Re’s latest Mission in FYR Macedonia – A New Partnership Agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture, the World Bank, the Insurance Supervision Agency and the Agency for Promotion of Agriculture to develop the National Agricultural Insurance Pro

Europa Re and World Bank representatives organized a series of meetings with local insurers, government agencies and the Ministries of Finance and Agriculture during a three day mission in FYR Macedonia. The objective was to gather additional information about the Macedonian insurance market, and strengthen cooperation with relevant government institutions...